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Why is the Push such a big deal?

Paluma Push is a Rockwheelers volunteer-run event to benefit our community. Some of the profits from the event support critical equipment for remote rural fire brigades. But a big reason we run the event is to fund the development of mountain biking services and infrastructure in Townsville. Just imagine how bare Douglas would feel without the trails that events like Paluma Push have helped fund. Just imagine how empty our calendar would look without all the rides and races that have spawn because of a growing club and a growing network of trails. And without volunteers there are no community benefits and there is no event!

This year’s Paluma Push requires a special effort. Please don’t leave the burden to a small band of regulars. Tell yourself that you won’t let those regulars burn out because you are going to find a way to do your little bit to help the Paluma Push in 2018.

Below is a list of the roles with which we will need assistance to make this year’s Paluma Push a success. Please contact us to let us know which job you would be able to help with.

EMAIL: [email protected]


Leadership Team Roles


Peter McLean has been the Push’s coordinator for some time. He has stepped away for a break and the committee wants to thanks Mozzy for his tireless efforts over the years. In reality, he is still there in the background helping make sure the new team gets it as right as we can. Thanks, Mozz!

The coordinator will monitor checklists and facilitate team communication in the weeks before the race, ultimately handing over to the Race Director on weekend of the race. The Coordinator will maintain documentation, contact details and all records for the team. Should be nothing on the ground to do – stay in the control room and keep everyone on track!


Leads a team of volunteers that are responsible for delivery, installation, operation, pack-up and return of all equipment and services at Hidden Valley Cabins.


Leads a team of volunteers that are responsible for delivery, installation, operation, pack-up and return of all equipment and services at Paluma Community Centre.


Leads a team of volunteers that are responsible for clearing all courses of debris, opening gates and installing directional marking. Produces maps, notes and briefs Police, QAS, RFB, course markers, sweep riders.


Leads a team of volunteers that delivers all timing services on race day. Produces race results for the website. Responsible for printing number plates and prize winner plates. Deliver race plates at goodie bag collection. Leads a team of volunteers that collect bags, cable ties, printed materials and goodies. Allocate items to 600+ goodie bags.


Coordinate volunteers to direct and manage drivers arriving at Paluma Village. Direct shuttle busses.


Responsible for confirming and delivering of all sponsor requirements. Uploading of logos/sponsor notes to the website.


Responsible for execution of race day schedule/run sheets. Incident management. Leads the race day team that comprises an MC, Commissaire, Emergency Services and Radio Communications, Timing, and Photographer.


General Helpers


  • Event Marketing and Promotion – January to July
    Registration setup and maintenance. Website setup and maintenance. Email, social media, and other online communications. Print, radio and TV media liaison.
  • Track Preparation (Course Operations Team) - June and July Weekends
    The course is in pretty good shape, so the workload is reasonable. Track work involves at least 4 hours drive to and from Hidden Valley and 3 to 4 hours on site. Course Operations Team Leaders Keith Spencer & Reyn Watson will put the call out for volunteers to help if and when needed – stay tuned.


  • Race Course Marking (Course Operations Team) – Team Leader Keith Spencer will put the call out for volunteers to help if and when needed – stay tuned.
  • Goodie Bags (Goodie Bags Team) – We need a venue (e.g. garage, meeting room) and 2-4 volunteers to stuff 600+ bags. Volunteers to be confirmed for this job.
  • Bike Trailers x 2 (Hidden Valley Team) - Check over the trailers - lights, tyres, tie ropes. Make sure OK for trip to Hidden Valley. Deliver to Hidden Valley cabins before Friday 21st. Fuel reimbursements available. Two drivers needed with vehicles that can tow.
  • Bike Racks (Hidden Valley Team) - Collect from storage and take up to Hidden Valley Cabins. Ute needed or can hire a trailer. Fuel reimbursements available. At least a 2-person job.
  • Club Race Gear Trailer (Hidden Valley Team) - Clean out the trailer and pack up with only the gear needed for the event. Space is needed to load a pile of stuff in to the trailer after registration at Top Brand Cycles Saturday. At least 1-2 volunteers needed with vehicle that tows.


  • Club Trailer (Timing and Goodie Bags Team) - Take to Top Brand Cycles before 8.30am. Ideally same persons doing Club Race Gear trailer prep with vehicle that tows.
  • Race Number, Goodie Bag and T=Shirt Pick Up (Timing and Goodie Bags Team) 8.30am to 12.30pm. Assist the timers register riders and hand out race plates and goody bags. Four people needed.
  • Club Trailer (Paluma Village Team) – Take to Paluma Saturday afternoon. Load up trailer with tee shirts, goody bags PA system, banners for Paluma. Trailer must be at Paluma by 3.30pm. Two hour trip. Fuel reimbursements available. Need 1 person with vehicle that tows.
  • Bread Transport to Hidden Valley (Hidden Valley Team) Collect bread from baker for BBQ Saturday morning and take up to Hidden Valley Cabins Saturday afternoon. This would suit someone staying at Hidden Valley Cabins Saturday night. Closed in van needed. It’s a pretty big order of bread rolls. 2 hour trip. Fuel reimbursements available. One person needed.
  • Paluma (Race Start) Set Up (Paluma Village Team) – Saturday afternoon 4.00pm to 6.00pm. Suits people staying at Paluma Saturday night. Unload trailer and set up Community Hall for Race Day. Follow venue site map and put out car parking signs, witches hats, bunting etc. Four people. Set up PA system.
  • Hidden Valley (Race Finish) Set Up (Hidden Valley Team) - Saturday Afternoon – 2.30pm to 5.30pm (Dark). Suits people staying the night at Hidden Valley Cabins or Paluma. Follow venue site map and set up finish line barriers, sponsor banners, tents, car park signs bike racks etc. It’s a big job so 6 people needed. Set up PA system.


  • Car Parking Marshals (Paluma Car Parking Team) – Very, very important role! We need to manage the impact of 700 plus riders and cars trying to fit in to Paluma. 30 minute time slots from 6.00am to 8.00am. Minimum 6 people per 30 minutes.
  • Race Number, Goodie Bag and T-Shirt Pick Up at Paluma Community Hall (Timing & Goodie Bag Team). Sunday 7.00am to 8.15am – for those that didn’t get to Top Brand on Saturday. Bodies needed to hand out t-shirts and goodie bags, assist the timers register riders and hand out race plates. Need 4 people.
  • PA System - Paluma (Paluma Village Venue Team). Race day morning from 6.00am check system setup is operating OK and that people can hear it. One person confident with speaker setup. Take down and deliver to Hidden Valley Cabins after race start.
  • MC / Announcer (Race Day Team). Develop script and make announcements before race and race starts. Shared by 2 people would be best.
  • Paluma Pull Down (Paluma Village Team). 10.00am onwards. Pack up all stuff and leave at Paluma Community Hall. Take some gear to Hidden Valley. Four people.
  • Bike Trailers x 2 at Paluma (Paluma Village Team) After the race, in the afternoon (after4.00pm), pick up and take back to Townsville. Fuel reimbursements available. Two drivers with vehicles that tow.


  • PA System - Hidden Valley (Hidden Valley Venue Team). Race day after race start. Check system setup is operating OK throughout the day.
  • MC / Announcer (Race day Team) Develop script and make announcements during race and presentations. Same 2 people as Paluma Village start would be best.
  • Timing Support (Timing Team) - Recorder, floater, gofer. 2-3 people.
  • Finish Line Marshals (Race day Team) Keep finish line clear as riders cross the line, drag dead bodies to first aid. Keep spectators off the course, gets very, very busy for about 3 hours. Two people minimum.
  • Hidden Valley Pull Down (Hidden Valley Team). 3.30pm onwards (after presentations) pack up all stuff and leave for collection or load for transport back to Townsville. Everyone is stuffed by this time so many hands makes light work. At least 12 people.
  • Sweep Riders (Race Day Team) This is not a free ticket for a ride in the Push. The sweep riders’ role is very important and it is a pretty long day. Lots of stop / start and possibly back tracking, helping repair bikes. You need to be a reasonably fit and competent rider. 4-6 riders.
  • Club Gear Trailer (Hidden Valley Venue Team). Pick up at Hidden Valley in the afternoon (after4.30pm) and take back to Townsville. Fuel reimbursements available. One driver with vehicle that tows.


Hopefully in the list above you’ve found your little bit to do, to help the Paluma Push and local mountain biking in Townsville.