Start acting now change your life and do the Paluma Push.

Registration Opens 16th March 6:00pm

NOTE: Your MTBA membership needs to be current at the time of the race when registering. If your MTBA membership expires before the Push then you’ll need to renew your MTBA membership and then register OR buy a Day Licence during registration for the Push.

Classes / Categories

The minimum rider age is 14 for the Recreation course and 16 for the Intermediate and Competition course. However for U18's registering for the Young Guns Category Competition Course, only proven experienced riders will be accepted. It is expected that junior riders aged 14-15 competing in the Recreation course will ride with an experienced adult.

Recreation Course Classes (42km) (Trophies + prizes)

  • Recreation Course - Juniors (M & F) - 14 to 17
  • Recreation Course - Open (M & F) - 18+
  • Recreation Course - E-Bike (advanced adult riders only)
    (type of bike conditions apply. See regulations info sheet)

Intermediate Course Classes – (53km) (Trophies + prizes)

  • Intermediate Course - Young Guns (M & F) - 16 to 22
  • Intermediate Course - Open - (M & F) - 23 to 29
  • Intermediate Course - Veteran - (M & F) - 30 to 39
  • Intermediate Course - Masters - (M & F) - 40 to 49
  • Intermediate Course - Super Masters - (M & F) - 50 to 59
  • Intermediate Course – Grand Masters - (M & F) - 60+
    NOTE: No E-Bikes allowed

Competition Course Classes – (70km) (Trophies + prize money)

  • Competitive Course - Young Guns (M & F) - 16 to 22
  • Competitive Course - Open - (M & F) - 23 to 29
  • Competitive Course - Veteran - (M & F) - 30 to 39
  • Competitive Course - Masters - (M & F) - 40 to 49
  • Competitive Course - Super Masters - (M & F) - 50 to 59
  • Competitive Course – Grand Masters - (M & F) - 60+
    NOTE: No E-Bikes allowed

Special Requirements for U18 Riders

The Paluma Push is classified as an endurance event and as such, the Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) policy on junior participation in endurance mountain bike events applies.
MTBA Junior Participation Policy (V3.1) for more information.
Riders (under 18) must have a parent or guardian approve the waiver that automatically appears when registering a junior rider via the online registration system.

Registration requirements

Junior riders and junior discount requests
WARNING: Those categories listed above must supply proof of age at registration time. Failure to provide this will void your nomination and forfeit fees as it will be within the no-refund period.

E-Bike regulations…read carefully & fully
Only stock standard, commercially produced pedal assist E-Bikes are permitted on the course.
NO MODIFICATIONS ARE ACCEPTABLE to the powertrain. This allows for 25km/hr max power assist.
No DIY or non-compliant E-Bikes will be permitted on course.

Only older adults or other adults with a demonstrable physical impairment which indicate an E-Bikes aid in their participation are eligible to enter this category.


Event Cancellation

Townsville Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club - the race organisers - reserve the right to cancel the event at any time due to matters beyond its control, including act of God, natural disasters, inclement weather, war, strike, laws or interventions or acts of statutory bodies, major accidents during the race, or other such matters. If canceled or postponed Rockwheelers will make every effort to reschedule the event.


A rider may obtain a refund if after registering if they are unable to attend the event.

  • Prior to finalization date (Sunday 15th July 12.00AM) a refund of the event registration fee less an administration charge of $30.00 will be paid.
  • After the finalization date (Sunday 15th July 12.00AM) NO refund will be paid.
    Please don’t ask. It is really difficult to do regardless of circumstances and cannot happen.

Changing Categories

Changing categories after registering is possible BUT it is a drain on our volunteer resources. So PLEASE read through all the info before you register.

Changing categories after the finalization date (Sunday 15th July 12.00AM) is not going to happen unless there are very special circumstances.