Registration opens 6:00pm 01 March 2019

Registration close 6:00pm 03 July 2019

When you register, your MTBA membership needs to be current at the time of the race when registering. If your MTBA membership expires before the Mike Carney Toyota Paluma Push then you’ll need to do one of the following:

  1. Renew your MTBA membership and then register
  2. Buy a MTBA Day Licence during registration for the Mike Carney Toyota Paluma Push.

Classes / Categories

Race & Age Categories
MTBA National Cup - Tier 1: 70km Competition
# Race Age Category Min Age Max Age
1 70km Elite 19+
2 70km Junior (17-18 yrs) 17 18
3 70km Expert (19-29yrs) 19 29
4 70km Masters 1-2 (30-39yrs) 30 39
5 70km Masters 3-4 (40-49yrs) 40 49
6 70km Masters 5-6 (50-59yrs) 50 59
7 70km Masters 7-10 (60yrs+) 60

53km Intermediate
# Race Age Category Min Age Max Age
8 53km Open 17+

42km Recreational
# Race Age Category Min Age Max Age
9 42km Junior U17 (15-16 yrs) - Tier 1 Points 15 16
10 42km Open 17+

55km* e-Bike Recreational
# Race Age Category Min Age Max Age
11 53km Open 17+

Team Category
# Race Age Category Min Age Max Age
12 42km Team Open Men's (4x Riders) 17+
13 42km Team Open Women's (4x Riders) 17+
14 42km Team Open Mixed (4x Riders, min 1x female) 17+

Terms & Conditions

Age Restriction – Minimum rider age is 15 years old. Riders aged 15 & 16 years old can only participate in the 42km Recreational Course but will be able to earn Tier 1 Points in this category.

Participant Numbers – Participant numbers for the Mike Carney Toyota Paluma Push has been capped.

Category Participant Numbers – Townsville Rockwheelers reserves the right to merge race categories should there be less than 10 participants in each category.

E-bike Recreational Category – The E-bike category is being introduced on a trial basis. We will assess and review this category at the conclusion of the event and how we can further develop and accommodate this category. E-bikes to be used in this category should be your standard, industry compliant pedal-assist e-Bikes. No modifications are acceptable to the powertrain. This allows for 25km/hr maximum power assist. DIY or non-compliant e-Bikes are not permitted. There will no specific requirement on the type of e-bike to be used other than your standard, industry complaint bike. There will be no checking or monitoring of the e-bike speed capability, attached devices, and product apps.

Event Cancellation

Townsville Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club reserves the right to cancel the event at any time due to matters beyond its control (examples, natural disasters, inclement weather, direction from governing bodies, major accidents during the race etc.).

Dependent on the time and reason for cancellation, Townsville Rockwheelers may offer part or full refund

Rider Cancellation / Refunds

Full Refund - Cancellations received in writing before 6pm Sunday 23 June 2019 will be refunded in full

Partial Refund – Cancellation received in writing after 6pm Sunday 23 June and before 6pm Wednesday 03 July 2019 will be subject to a $40 cancellation fee

No Refund – Cancellations received after 6pm Wednesday 03 July 2019 will not be refunded

Changing Categories – Changing your race category after you have registered is possible. A rider is only permitted to do this once at a cost of $10 for the change.  Changing categories after 6pm Wednesday 03 July is not permitted